CorAnima is a brand new project hailing from Long Beach California. Writing and collaborating during the pandemic has not been an easy task. However, CorAnima stayed committed to their passion of creating music that is heavy, hard hitting while staying melodic and musical. Having released their first two singles within two months of meeting, the band continues to strive for alternate songwriting methods, ranging from entirely acoustic before plugging anything in, or completely electronic before picking up a single instrument and everything in between. While thematically, CorAnima’s work originates from a place of darkness, the band is determined to bring a sense of positivity and hope within their sound.


Long Beach
California (USA)

In the Press

Cor Anima’s latest songs have received stunning reviews by music critics around the world from a plethora of webzines. Check out a selection here:

CorAnima – Vivamus (2021)

Through the sounds of the track, the band puts their heart into the music and fills you with the sense that those who you feel lost may never give up overcoming their addictions.

CorAnima Forges Ahead With Music Projects And Plans

Breaking free and cutting loose when worldwide pandemic restrictions are finally lifted will require music to go with a celebratory sentiment. Fitting that bill, what began as online creativity among musicians, is now realized in three original songs from the band CorAnima.

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